Experts Discuss Reunification of Korea

Published Date:2021-05-02

Professionals from all fields of society lent their experience and insights into helping find viable solutions to the peaceful reunification of Korean peninsula, a nation still divided and technically at war for the past seven decades. Various approaches to the issue of North-South Korean reunification were discussed over the 3-day virtual conference in the third week of April 2021. Nearly 20,000 people from 43 nations registered for the conference in the Asia Pacific region. Similar 3-day events were held in Korea, Japan, America, Europe and the Middle East, Africa as well as North and South America The International Leadership Conference 2021, or ILC2021 for short, was organized by the Universal Peace Federation. UPF was founded in 2005 by the late Rev. Dr. Sun Myung Moon and his wife, Dr. Hak Ja Han Moon (who is now leading this global empire). The theme for the event was, “Toward the Peaceful Reunification of Korea: Creating the Foundation for a Unified World.” The pros and cons, the challenges and opportunities, were all on the table. Huddles certainly make this a daring endeavor, but the opportunities far outweigh the risks. Untapped economic development that will accelerate national and regional prosperity is definitely possible. In addition, addressing the historic divide in Korea would mean ending the stalemate on the peninsula, which would spill over to peace in northeast Asia and globally. Positive ramifications for all to consider. Nine sessions focused specifically on: Heads of State, parliamentarians, First Ladies and women leaders, academicians, religious leaders, business executives, media personalities, along with the culture and arts. The Closing Session will be May 8. A continued, concentrated focus will emerge with the establishment of Think Tank 2022 allowing for in-depth discussions between all stakeholders.

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